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Tobias Picker Composer Portrait at Miller Theatre

Miller Theatre kicks off its 2011/12 Composer Portrait series with the spotlight on New York native Tobias Picker. The career-spanning program on October 6 features performances by pianist Sarah Rothenberg, violinist David Fulmer, the Brentano String Quartet, the Signal Ensemble and conductor Frédéric Chaslin among others, and includes Keys to the City, the composer’s piano concerto performed on this concert in its chamber version, the New York premiere of Piano Quintet, “Live Oaks,” Rhapsody for violin and piano, as well as select arias from his operas EmmelineFantastic Mr. FoxThérèse Raquin andAn American Tragedy. From Miller Theatre Director Melissa Smey:

I can’t think of a better way to start us off than with a composer from right here in New York, the brilliant Tobias Picker. With operatic arias, a piano concerto, and works for chamber ensemble, Tobias’s program epitomizes what Composer Portraits is all about: showcasing the incredible creativity and breadth of vision of today’s great composers.

Fresh off its world premiere in Houston by Sarah Rothenberg and the Brentano String Quartet, Piano Quintet, “Live Oaks” sees its New York premiere at Miller. Joel Luks writes of the premiere in Houston:

There is a strong American consciousness in Picker's work, evoking aural illustrations of the frontier experience. The composer describes the work as a musical drama with the piano taking center stage.

The quintet opens with clear representational imagery, with bird chirps emerging from call-and-response patterns in the strings, but then morphs into almost caricature-like abstract sketches with descending lines and rhythmically complex fragments, often containing a healthy dash of humor.

For more on the program, visit www.millertheatre.com.

Go to www.tobiaspicker.com and www.schott-music.com to learn more on the life and music of Tobias Picker.

Tobias Picker
Keys to the City (1987)
for chamber ensemble

Rhapsody (1978)
for violin and piano

Piano Quintet (2011)
Live Oaks
for piano and string quartet

Miss Hedgehog’s Aria (1998, arr. 2010)
for soprano and piano
from Fantastic Mr. Fox

Ghost Aria (2000, arr. 2010)
for tenor and piano
from Thérèse Raquin

Diving Aria (2005, arr. 2011)
for mezzo-soprano and piano
from An American Tragedy
ca. 5’

Letter Aria (2005, arr. 2010)
for soprano and piano
from An American Tragedy


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