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Tobias Picker Conducts “Emmeline” at Tulsa Opera

On May 1 and 3, Tobias Picker conducts Emmeline at Tulsa Opera, where he has served as Artistic Director since 2016. This new production is set across the 1930s and 1950s. Based on a true story and the book Emmeline by Judith Rossner, the opera tells the story of an American teenager who is forced to give her illegitimate child up for adoption, only to fall from grace when family secrets are revealed twenty years later.

Originally set in mid-nineteenth-century Maine, this world-premiere production by director Tara Faircloth updates the opera for a contemporary audience.

Learn more about this exciting new production and purchase tickets here.

Emmeline (1995)
an opera in two acts
based on the novel by Judith Rossner
libretto (Eng) by J.D. McClatchy
4S, 2Mz, 2T, 2Bar, 2B; women’s chorus
2(2.pic).2.ca.2.bcl.0- synth)-str (on stage violin)
Chamber version (arranged by Samuel Bill, 2009)
4S, 2Mz, 2T, 2Bar, 2B; women’s chorus
1(pic).1(ca).1(bcl).1- min)

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