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Tobias Picker Named Artistic Director of The Opera San Antonio

Tobias Picker has been named Artistic Director of The Opera San Antonio (TOSA). Hailed by the Wall Street Journal as "our finest composer for the lyric stage,” Picker will lead TOSA through a highly anticipated period of growth and prominence as one of America's leading opera companies.

Picker provides the following remark on his recent appointment:

Obviously as a composer, and known especially for my operas now, I am interested in the art form as a living art, and not strictly as a museum. But I don't want to encourage people to assume that there is going to be lots of scary new modern music and nothing else. I love Puccini, I love all the masters — they will all be represented, but there will be exciting new pieces, too. The programming will feature the best singers in the world. The productions will be on a level as high as the singer. I want the audience to see productions that are theatrically exciting; it has to capture people's imagination, to be something they want to see it has to be terrific.
In other news outside of the opera world, Picker’s The Blue Hula will be performed on November 18 at the City Performance Hall, in Dallas, by the Voices of Change ensemble. In the words of the composer:

I wrote The Blue Hula -- named for an old American dance form -- when I was living in Hawaii in 1980. It is ten minutes long, in three movements and scored for what many composers in the 20th century have come to call 'Pierrot plus percussion.' The same ensemble -- flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano -- which Schönberg used for Pierrot Lunaire,with the addition of percussion, and which instrumentation has become something of a standard 20th-century ensemble.
For details on the performance of Picker’s The Blue Hula, please visit www.voicesofchange.com.

Learn more on Tobias Picker at www.tobiaspicker.com and www.schott-music.com.

Tobias Picker
The Blue Hula (1981)
for chamber ensemble
fl, cl, vib, glsp, mar, pno, vn, vc


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