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West Coast Premiere of Tobias Picker’s The Encantadas at Jacaranda Music

Jacaranda Music, under the baton of Mark Alan Hilt, presents Tobias Picker’s The Encantadas for narrator and chamber orchestra on October 20 in the work’s first performance on the west coast. Commissioned by the Albany Academy in celebration of their 175th anniversary, the work was premiered by the Albany Symphony Orchestra in 1983 and subsequently arranged for chamber orchestra 1986. Following the footsteps of seminal works such as Stravinsky’s L’histoire du soldat (1918) and Copland’sLincoln Portrait (1942), Picker fashions Herman Melville’s text into an enchanted melodrama. Its success has produced further versions with the English narration translated into Spanish, German, and Japanese.

The Encantadas (Enchanted Isles) consists of six-movements each deploying potent descriptions of life on the sea-swept Galapagos Islands. The music goes hand in hand with the narrated text, taking listener's on a vivid sojourn through this exotic wilderness as it depicts the island’s sticking beauty and eccentric inhabitants such as giant tortoises and a range of cacophonic aviaries. Picker concludes the work with a quiet consummation in the movement Dawn, with a serene, emotional sound world.

For details on the Jacaranda performances, visit www.jacarandamusic.org

Learn more on the music of Tobias Picker at www.schott-music.com and www.tobiaspicker.com.

Tobias Picker
The Encantadas (1983)
for narrator and chamber orchestra
text (avail in En, Sp, Ger, Jap) by Herman Melville

full orchestra instrumentation:


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